We have experience Specializing in both residential and commercial property management,  We  provides full-service management services to as clients,  as well as general building maintenance and operations. Fidenzi Interiors  is able to help owners of condos, co-ops, and multi-unit housing structures. All tenant relations can be handled through Fidenzi Interiors including communications about issues inspections, and other correspondences.



We are Kitchen fabricator with 40 years of experience . We offer different range of design and materials.

All the kitchen are made in uk


Our Flooring supplier and the installation Team offers a wide range of products and services with a focus on High level  and traditional method of floor fabrication We provide general inspection and we will offer  the best option for quality and price.

All the floor are made in Italy and delivery to your door.


Thanks to our Architect and Designers, we are able realize custom solutions for your needs starting from scratch, CAD or 3D drawing projects. We are expert and we drive you to the best results.